About Me

My pronouns are he/any.
I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#119797), working under the supervision of Mary M. Read, Ph.D., LMFT (#25112)

I have always been a quiet person and initially chose a career path in technology that seemed to fit my introverted nature well. While this was fulfilling in many ways, I gradually discovered that my introversion was not a deficit that needed to be hidden behind a computer screen, but my superpower that made those I interacted with feel seen and understood. 

I also discovered the magic of vulnerability and disclosure in groups as I sought help for the challenges I encountered on my road through life. While I appreciated receiving support, even more uplifting was watching the healing process in action for others. It became clear that I was called to be a therapist. 

I believe the therapy room is a sacred place where the chaos of making it through each day is replaced during our time together by a feeling of safety and calmness. Where you can take a chance that you might fall apart by going there, knowing that at your side is a compassionate witness to your story.

I work through a trauma-informed lens. I believe you are a survivor and honor all those parts of you that helped get you through to today.

Contact Me

Office Location
Institute of Advanced Studies
5212 Katella Ave., #103B
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Fees and Payment Options

Standard fees are:

  • Initial consultation for new clients: Free
  • 50-minute session for individuals: $100
  • 75-minute session for a family or couple: $150
  • 50-minute session for a family or couple: $120

All payments are made to IAS. I can forward payments to IAS given to me in the following forms:

  • Zelle to mark@myrantherapy.com
  • Check
    • Payable to: Institute of Advanced Studies
    • Mail to: PO Box 553, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678-0553
  • Cash